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Municipal News

By J.R. Brower

Washington County Aging Services Director Mary Lynn Spilak told Canonsburg Borough Council on May 11 that the Canonsburg Senior Citizens Center is in a state of disrepair and that something should be done about it in the near future.

Luksis Robert
CHJSA Chairman Robert Luksis gave a presentation on recent improvements at the joint sewer authority.

Spilak said that the Canonsburg Senior Citizens Center at 30 East Pike Street has a malfunctioning furnace as well as a bad roof. She added that at least $20,000 would be needed to make the necessary repairs. Council Vice President Rich Russo said that the topic has been discussed by Council, and the question is "whether we should make the necessary repairs or look for another building". He assured Spilak that Council would be weighing its options in the next several months and agreed that a safe and secure center for seniors is important.

"Our seniors in Canonsburg want to be involved, and their presence is very important to our community," said Spilak.

In another reoccurring matter, Council heard from several residents in regards to the one-side street parking program on Giffen Ave. and several other streets. Recently, the borough changed its policy on Giffen, which resulted in one-sided parking being switched from the initial side to the other side to accommodate several handicapped residents and free up more actual parking spaces.

Ronald Prutten, of 438 Duquesne Ave., was told by Russo that the borough has no plans to do residential parking only on his street.

Frank Butano, who lives on Chartiers Ave., asked Council about whether or not the borough will do one-side parking there. Russo said that, yes, his street was on the list, but he also reminded Butano that it will be done on a 90-day trial period. Still, Russo said that if it is enacted, it could be a good change for residents on Chartiers.

Spilak Mary Lynn
Seniors advocate Mary Lynn Spilak told Council why the Canonsburg Senior Center is so important to the community.

"Often we have been doing things a certain way all our lives. But stuff happens called change, and sometimes it's hard," concluded Russo.

Another street change to make Scott Way one way from east to west was proposed by Mayor David Rhome and approved by Council. Russo also announced that the borough has plans this summer to repave some of the alleys in the East End.

In other business, Canonsburg Houston Joint Sewer Authority (CHJSA) Chairman Robert Luksis addressed Council concerning recent improvements made in the sewer system. He said that the boroughs of Houston and Canonsburg have signed their joint agreement to treat sewage and that about $2,000,000 has been spent. One item he elaborated on is a recently installed hydraulic overloader at the waste water plant that processes the rainwater/sewage mix and controls overflows.

Also, voted upon and approved by Canonsburg Borough Council were 1) the engineers report, 2) the CHJSA report, 3) the 2015 street paving program, 4) repayment of $29,923 to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (PA DCED) for the Main Street closeout and 5) a police department request to have a 6-month probation period for officers who have already served as part-time and have a minimum of 2,080 hours on the force.

Also discussed briefly at the meeting by Council and Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor Holly Stabile were the steps involved for residents who request variances for the ongoing one-sided street parking project. Stabile said that this matter will be discussed more in depth at the next borough Council meeting in June.






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