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Municipal News

By Michelle Taylor

Elizabeth Twp. holds their Council meetings at the municipal building at 7 p.m. on the first and third Monday of every month. Some updates from January's meetings include the following:

Girl Scout Camp

The Girl Scout camp located in the heart of Elizabeth Township will be closed once the survey is certified by the end of February. Some legal issues concerning the sanitation management contract should also be resolved by the end of February. A 2011 bond in the amount of $525,200 was approved for the purchase of the Girl Scout camp by Elizabeth Township. The township intends to make a good use of the land and buildings.


On January 6th, the ice rink located outside of the municipal building on Rock Run Road officially opened. The rink is free, but patrons must supply their own skates and skate at their own risk based on the flag system. Green flag = okay to skate. Red flag = do not skate. A public opinion by Paul Saxton, Tom George, and James Taylor were all in agreement that it would be a good idea for the community and youth to build a deck hockey rink on Chapel Drive.

Job Replacement

Kevin Ulmer of the sanitation board will be resigning. Congratulations to Mike Majuer, as he will be filling that position.

The Patterson Bridge Weigles Hill Projects

Bids came in the week of January 12th. The demo project should be underway pending the insurance paperwork from the contractor. The first payment for the generator in the amount of $10,910.25 needs to be submitted as soon as possible as the generator should be connected shortly and the conduit has already been installed.


The 2015 insurance for Elizabeth Township professional liabilities was entered into an agreement with RSUI in the amount of $41,250.


A motion for an audit performed by Maher Duessel of Elizabeth Township financial statements for 2014 was issued at a cost of $9,620.

Paving Program

Making a final payment to Victor Paving and Construction Inc. in the amount of $18,298.22 for the 2014 annual paving program was unanimously accepted across the board.

Budgets and Costs


· Police Department $37,470

· Fire Departments (all 5) $17,820

· Road Department $49,965

· EMS $74,401 (note: $14,000 is reimbursed from insurance companies and patients)


Chris Dell, chief of EMS, is concerned with both the past budget amount of $20,000 and with the increased budget amount of $30,000. He proposed a request for the budget amount to be increased to $60,000, which has been approved on a 1-year trial. Paul Saxton feels the other five communities that Elizabeth Township serves should give more funds to the EMS, as it currently receives $1,200 from Lincoln Borough and an undetermined amount in grant money from Versailles Borough.




Pizza Station


Mon Valley Hospital

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