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Dear Editor;

For several years, I have been using the Mid-Mon Valley Park 'n Ride lot to take the Mon Valley bus to downtown Pittsburgh to work. The parking lot and the bus stop is on opposite sides of Rt. 88 near Ginger Hill Rd. There are flashing warning signs on both sides of the street, and they flash 24 hours a day, so I am certain that most people don't pay much attention to them. The flashing lights are there to alert traffic that there may be pedestrians crossing the road. That was until recently. 

The warning lights are currently out of order. According to MMVTA (Mid- Mon Valley Transit Authority), the lights should be back in working order soon. 

I've had several close calls with cars and trucks over the years and that is the reason for my letter. In the fall it is dark at 7:00 AM when I catch the bus. I am careful not to try to cross the road when cars are 

nearby. But since the drivers are speeding to get to wherever they are going, I sometimes barely make it across the street. Now and then, the bus arrives to the stop before I can cross the street. When this 

happens, I put out my hand as a signal to stop that I am trying to cross. So many times, a driver that is behind the bus decides that they are not going to wait for me to cross and they go around the bus and 

start speeding towards me! Maybe the driver didn't see me, I don't know, but this is so dangerous for not only me, but for all involved: the driver, the bus along with passengers, and me! 

If you are in that much of a hurry, you need to leave your house earlier! 

Do you really want to take the chance of hitting or killing someone, not to mention the poor wildlife that just wants to cross the street to look for food? Please people, this has been happening everywhere. People are getting hit and killed in shopping centers! There is no reason to be carelessly speeding through areas where there are pedestrians. How would you feel if a member of your family was hit or killed by a careless driver? I hear it from everyone I know what a different world it is. It sure is. It's a world where everyone and everything is about themselves! Not a care about anyone else! Come on! How about giving us a "BRAKE"?? 


Terry LaBryer - Monongahela 


PSC 399430 HRb 


Pizza Station


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