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South Park resident and novelist, Jim Caldwell, had taken a ninety degree turn with his genre in his latest novel, ‘Rest In Peace’, out this past July in paperback and available on Amazon.

“I experimented, departed from my romance, human relationships, Hallmark type story to a full-fledged murder mystery,” Caldwell says. “A close friend who read my last novel, Two Paths, was intrigued with the two characters I had created: the Erie County medical examiner, Saul Heath, and the post graduate intern, Andy Fleisher. He suggested that I do a follow up book with these two.”


Rest In Peace is the story of Andy joining the investigative unit after receiving his Masters in Criminalistics. He solves his first major murder case under the watchful tutelage of the well-known, veteran investigator. The interaction between the pair is endearing, instructive and often funny. The back cover summary of the fiction is short and stark: “The three partied together; they schemed together. When their plot destroyed him, how could the words, written on his grave, be justified without retribution.”

For anyone interested in a copy of the book, there are several ways to obtain a copy. It is available on Amazon under the title (; directly linked through the author’s website, or one may asked for it by name at the South Park library where there are several of his nine books. Lastly, should your timing be right, Jim has placed a free copy in the mini-library box on the Montour trail behind Coen convenience store on Brownsville road.




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