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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Resident Proud to Live in the Best Neighborhood in Jefferson Borough!

 Dear Editor,

To catch school buses, the children of our neighborhood have to gather in front of an overrun and unsafe yard, that is owned by an elderly and frail man. Rather than giving this man a fine, the local magistrate, Mike Thatcher, who conveniently lives in the neighborhood, politely asked the elderly gentleman if he would mind if the neighbors pitched in to help him.

So, at a neighborhood block party the neighbors and their kids hatched a plan to show up at 9:00 on a Saturday morning with chain saws, lawn mowers, tractors and trucks to clean up the yard and make the bus stop safe for the children. The neighbors who participated were numerous: Costas, Ebers, Siemons, Sabols, Molinaros, Nikolics, Thatchers, Reckards and Karnacks. The wives served donuts, coffee, and hotdogs as the men worked a long and tiring day. I am fortunate to live among such caring neighbors including our magistrate, Mike Thatcher!

Connie Shaffer, Jefferson




Pizza Station


Mon Valley Hospital

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