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Letter To The Editor - South Park Resident Asks Community to Stop Littering

Dear Editor,
Recently a group of people including myself under the guidance of Allegheny County Park Rangers in cooperation with the Friends of South Park, Allegheny County went out through a section of the park to clean up litter. This was going to be the last clean up for 2019. The group has been doing this each month throughout the spring and summer.

On this one particular day we were cleaning up along Stoltz Road in the area between Rt. 88 and Claytonia Street. That area, across from the row of residential homes is park property. So, we each took a section and began to pick up litter. Many of the items picked up can be recycled. I myself filled an industrial size black garbage bag with beer cans, and other beverage containers.

I have been doing this work for years, and I take pride in the park and want it to look nice. I have had to pick up used diapers, beer bottles that were used as urinals, pots, half eaten food, containers with already chewed tobacco, and more. There is a person just as he leaves his residential street and turns onto Stoltz Rd. who tosses his little tomato juice can out the car window! (His saving grace is that he drops them all in one spot!)

As a concerned resident, I’m asking that we all start being more responsible for our trash. Those plastic bags at the grocery stores are perfect to stash beer cans, used diapers, napkins, water bottles, or anything else you would toss out the window. Take it home and before you go in the house, walk over to the trash can and toss the bag in.

Maybe by keeping the park clean, it can also stop drawing all the wildlife into your yards?

Peg Bittner – South Park




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