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School News

Third graders at Jefferson Elementary donned their white lab coats (or white t-shirts) with laboratory notebooks in hand and headed to the STEAM Lab to conduct chemical tests for the afternoon. The students have been studying chemical reactions as part of their science unit and were excited to begin their laboratory experiments.

Chem Lab 3

Classrooms were divided into small groups to work and collaborate together on each experiment. Students were charged with testing a variety of unknown solids to see how the chemicals would react to the liquids they were given at their lab tables. The lab tables contained several unknown substances, each labeled with a different letter and color-coded, and students mixed the contents with different liquids such as water, vinegar, iodine, cabbage juice and direct heat. Before beginning their experiment, students had to predict how they thought the substances would react together and record it in their lab notebooks. The students recorded all of the data in their notebooks for each experiment.

The students were deeply engaged and enthusiastic throughout all of the experiments. The teachers enjoyed viewing the excitement on their students’ faces when they observed the results of their experiments. The teachers agree that “Inspiring an interest in science at a young age can help kids grow up with the tools needed to form questions about the world around them and make decisions based upon their own reasoning.”


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