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School News

Representatives from the Zoo Mobile Unit of the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium visited the Thomas Jefferson High School environmental science classes to provide a program called “A Plan for Survival.”

Mrs. Cook with Mandy Revak of Zoo Mobile.

Students enrolled in the environmental science class have completed an endangered species unit and were eager to hear from the zoo about their conservations plans as well as see different species up close.

Robin McRoberts and Mandy Revak, Zoo Mobile education specialists, spoke to the class about the factors that contribute to endangerment and how the zoo is helping endangered species through their Species Survival Plan and Conservation Fund.

Students had the opportunity to get an up close and personal encounter with a chinchilla, baby alligator, and milk snake. According to TJHS environmental science teacher Mrs. Nicole Cook, “The Endangered Species chapter is probably my favorite chapter of the whole year. Along with learning about what causes a species to become endangered, each student researches an endangered species and presents it to the class.”

The presentation by the Pittsburgh zoo allowed students to apply the knowledge they learned over the last few weeks, ask questions about the program at the zoo, and meet some real life endangered species up close and personal. Mrs. Cook continued, “This was an amazing end to an important part of our curriculum. It allowed them to really connect and see just how important every living creature is to our planet.”


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