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Spring, Summer and Fall – Time For Rest And Relaxation After A Hard Winter?
– Not for the Union Township Road Crew.

The spring inspections of Union Township’s roads revealed just how much damage the unusually heavy rainstorms over the past six to eight months in our area have caused to our roadways - roadways that were already vulnerable due to the terrain and need for better storm water management systems.

Serious slides and road wash-outs were noted and scheduled for repairs that needed to be done soon and done right. Priorities have been set and steps taken to get the needed repairs completed in a manner that assured township funds will be spent on lasting improvements. To get this formidable task rolling, plans have been made and are being implemented.

1. Existing storm water holding ponds located on private and some public property were inspected and most were found to be in need of maintenance. Steps are being taken to assure repairs and maintenance will be carried out.

2. A Road Crew Superintendent with heavy experience in roadway maintenance was brought on board to provide supervision to the Road Crew for projects that will remain “in-house”. Mr. Ken Puglisi Owner of KDL Enterprises was contracted as the Road Crew Superintendent in mid-April and is likely to be around for some time providing daily supervision to our road crew employees. Mr. Puglisi is reporting directly to our Roadmaster /Supervisors with Supervisor Rick Lawson (also with heavy road maintenance experience) being “first on call”.

3. Projects, identified by the Board, as candidates for completion by our Road Crew have been prioritized and will be completed under engineering direction.

4. Financial help offered by Sunoco (Mariner ll Project) and EQT Production for payment to compensate for roadway damage caused by heavy vehicle use on township roads will be fully utilized.

5. Financial grants will be sought and, if awarded, may bolster our distressed road maintenance budget.


UT 1
Lobbs Run Road with approximately 100 feet of supporting wall installed.




Slide Damage Repair Project on Lobbs Run Road successfully completed

A washout and slide caused by torrential rains swelling Lobbs Run Creek over its banks between Finleyville Elrama Road and Aber Road has been repaired. The swollen creek washed out the berm support of Lobbs Run Road. That section of Lobbs Run Road was closed for nearly four weeks to facilitate the extensive repairs and resurfacing. A berm supporting retaining wall of concrete blocks was constructed that will support approximately 275 feet of roadway and protects the road from further water erosion damage. The cost for materials and repaving was approximately $74,000 which included Labor cost for use of our own Road Crew. An estimated cost, had the repair been bid out at “prevailing rates” was estimated to have come in between $90,000 and $120,00 - a great job done by the Road Crew.

Click on 'gallery' for more photos of ongoing road repairs.

Slide Repairs - Coal Bluff Road and Other Maintenance.

Repair of several slide areas and cross drains on Coal Bluff Road were begun on July 7th in preparation for repaving the section from Rebecca Road to State Route 837. That section of Coal Bluff Road will be closed for an estimated four weeks. Three slides have been assigned to The Road Crew. Several new cross drains may also be needed. Repairs and/or new components have already been installed or repaired on Don Street, Patterson Road and Airport Road.

New Union Contract Ratified – Road Crew and Teamsters 205

After several weeks of negotiations, a new five year Collective Bargaining Agreement between Teamsters 205 and Union Township was ratified which will govern, in part, operations of the Union Township Road Crew Employees. In conjunction with the new agreement, an updated Employee Handbook has been drafted and will become available to all employees after final Board approval.

For the present, the Union Township Road Crew Employees will report to Mr. Puglisi. Mr. David Barkey (Road Crew Operator) elected to leave the Employ of Union Township. The Board of Supervisors, Administrative employees and former co-workers wish him success in his new position.

The Road Crew presently consists of the following personnel.
• Mr. Kenneth Puglisi – Acting Road Crew Superintendent
• Mr. Albert Banahasky – Foreman and Union Steward
• Mr. Shaun McQuillan – Operator
• Mr. Ron Lovrich – Operator

Welcome back Nicole

A big “Welcome Back” to Nicole Wright (Secretary Treasurer) who was on maternity leave and a “Job Well Done” to Joan Carmen (Assistant Secretary /Treasurer), who had her hands full while Nicole was on leave. Nicole, Joan and Mr. Puglisi are administrative employees and are Non-Union.

Warning to Residents

Residents installing their own storm water drainage systems along Township roads need to be aware that the Township road right-of-way cannot be intruded upon without review by the township engineer. Incidents in which damage has occurred to drain pipes and/or “cleanout access pipes” have occurred recently. The township will not reimburse for damage to “non-permitted” systems intruding into the road right-of-way. Be aware that some of the lawn you cut may actually be on the road right-of-way. The Township Secretary can get you the advice you need.




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